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For Telling’s Sake pt. III :: Me Too by Kathryn White

Today’s guest poster is one of my favorite voices, a person who continually inspires me to write, and a person I am happy to call friend. Having only met her in the flesh one solitary time, she has taught me so many important things—like how Thursday (Magic Thursday) is the best day of the week and how to tactfully share even the darkest parts of life with bravery, honesty, and hope. What treasures.

For Telling’s Sake, is a net to catch the stories of people who inspire us and a place to hang the findings of how sharing life through blogs is a rich and meaningful experiencefor sharers and readers.

You might say I am queen of the overshare.

Quick to trust and quicker still to spot a kindred spirit, I often find myself spilling my soul stories to near-strangers, a decision based solely on a connection I just sense. I do this with real life friends, and I also do it on the Internet. In fact, I’ve done this very thing since I was 15, typing my thoughts into my first Xanga account. My view and understanding of blogging has shifted since 2005, but the reason for it remains the same: the joy of the me too!

We have friendships for lots of reasons, but maybe the most important one is to feel understood. It is a relief to let down your walls and find someone just like you on the other side. What’s beautiful about blogging is that somehow sharing the details of your life, both large and small, with the world can do this very thing. The truth is, we blog because we want to share; we write publicly because we want an audience. Otherwise, we’d just journal. However, eight years in, I am still amazed by the power of the response, the strength of the connection.

It feels a little funny to write about what blogging means to me when my own blog has been silent for weeks now. This last year has been the quietest year in my blog life. My real life has been overwhelming in a full heart, full life kind of way, and for the first time in a long while, I haven’t quite found the words for it yet. But this silent season has also been a harvest season. In the last six months, I’ve managed to meet three internet friends from three different cities, Holly being one. And sitting across from Holly and Chase in my own city, I couldn’t help but feel that this Sunday lunch was the bloom of all those me too friendship seeds we’ve planted over the last two years.

Blogs bring us together, from hundreds of miles away to the friend down the street. In sharing our stories, we take the first step. What comes next will surprise you.

It always does me.

Hear more from Kathryn on her blog, and just try to not be inspired by the way she strings words together.

4 thoughts on “For Telling’s Sake pt. III :: Me Too by Kathryn White

  1. It’s sort of ironic–or maybe more of a case in point–that “me too” is exactly what reading this post made me think. (Of course I’ve always felt that way as I’ve read Kathryn’s posts.)

    • I thought the same thing, Shanna! Have you heard that C.S. Lewis quote about friendship beginning one someone says, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” It’s so true :)


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