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A Gift

This sharing of breakfast, of holidays, of sunday afternoon hammock trips… all these little anecdotes that make their way to this carefully-crafted blog have sparked a bout of curiosity. It’s a strange thing we do here, it’s a strange thing that people read it, and it’s a strange thing that we read many of the anecdotes you carefully craft on your own blogs. We humans love to share our stories and know other people’s… How come?

Meagan and I have talked several times over the past few months about how much joy this space has brought us in this season of our lives. How great is it that people want to come here to hear our life-things that are mostly about nothing? Folks can peak into these moments of our lives, and we get to encounter you along the way whose brains and hearts work the same ways as ours. Even just putting our words down on paper and publishing them sheds new light and meaning to small days, our breakfasts, our sunday afternoon hammock trips.

I believe there is true meaning here. In the words of You’ve Got Mail’s perfect protagonist Kathleen Kelly,

The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.

I love that there is a whimsical movie about the beginnings of Internet communication. A love story where two individuals connect over daily musings they carefully craft to each other. In many ways, that is the story of this blog. Not a love story per se, though there have been love stories unfold amidst it, but a story of nothings truly meaning something.

Last week I got to sit across the table from my new friend Shanna who I met because of a few friends we shared on Instagram (another strange and lovely thing we are all doing). We talked about being artful and honest on our blogs, about the meaning of sharing our lives, telling our stories, feeling insecure about it all, but being brave. We talked about growing up, how we ended up in Nashville, places we’d like to go. We laughed so hard about how Chase and I’s first kind-of date was to see the movie Babies.

It was very normal and non-internety. A real and honest conversation born out of the nothing-somethings we share in cyberspace. Now, I have a new friend thanks to this channel that connects like-minded people.

I think we were made for this, for kindred spirits to find each other like magnets, and the practice of sharing my life in this place is only a small piece of the magic. It’s a gift, this life sharing and life reading.

Maybe you have a story of something extraordinary happening to you because of the Internet. What do you think about that? I truly want to know.

12 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. Holly- it truly is odd how a connection can be formed via reading snippets of another’s life on the internet. I am so glad you share yours. If you want to read a wonderful narrative of the internet’s magic (almost on par with You’ve Got Mail), check out my friend Bethany’s love story… P.S. Come visit us in Colorado :)

  2. about two weeks ago i came up on this space, i was looking at wedding stuff and your designs caught my eye. i noticed that you’re from Nashville and a fleeting thought came to mind that your blog might be of interest to shanna, who i’ve been following for some time. then i got distracted and forgot to ping her. long winded story short, i feel slightly smug, unnecessarily, for thinking correctly that you two would hit it off but not really having anything to do with it all. the end.

    as for the internet and how it’s affected me: yes, my blog has opened doors and eyes to new experiences but in a broader sense, the internet has introduced me to 3 of the most important & influential people in my life, one of them now my fiance. as an introvert in Real Life but complete extrovert online it’s been a wonderful journey.

  3. I found your blog through Shanna, who I also met through our blogs and now consider a good friend. I’ve been struggling with my blog lately, trying to find a voice and a meaning, wondering if I’m thinking too hard about it or not trying hard enough. But this post reminds me that it’s still about what it’s always been about — connecting through stories. Thanks for writing this, and so glad to have found this happy space.

    • Jacqui, I totally identify. Going through phases where you just don’t know what to say makes you just not want to write at all. But I found your blog and it’s lovely! Thanks for reaching out!

  4. I found your blog (awhile ago) through Annie’s, and I’ve loved it since. I don’t write a blog, and as of yet, I’ve never met someone in person that started from a blog. My old roommate used to think it was the oddest thing that I read and enjoyed blogs so much, but I truly think it’s community. I think it’s a Godly gift to be able to resonate with someone’s words, which are so personal.

  5. These words are straight as an arrow: “the practice of sharing my life in this place is only a small piece of the magic”. But magic all the same.

    I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have a place where stories and photos are met with thoughtful and thought-provoking friends with their own places of sharing.

    Thankful to have found this place of sharing : )

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